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Curbio: Your Premier Pay-at-Closing Home Improvement Solution for Swift, Lucrative Home Sales

In your quest to sell your home swiftly and maximize your profit, Curbio stands out as the nation’s leading choice. With a dedicated focus on providing a white-glove service, Curbio empowers sellers to enhance their homes right away and defer payment until the sale is finalized.

Setting Curbio apart from traditional contractors is our unwavering commitment to profit-driven upgrades, an emphasis on expedited project completion, and an unwavering dedication to delivering a five-star customer experience. The results speak for themselves: an impressive 28% average increase in sale prices and project completion times that are 50% faster.

Choose Curbio, and elevate your home selling experience to new heights.

Consistent and Fair Pricing

Our pricing model is standardized and fair, aligning with national averages across all the markets we serve. Say goodbye to erratic price fluctuations influenced by seasons, workloads, or geographical areas.”

Zero Upfront Costs

With Curbio, you pay nothing upfront – no initial deposits, progress payments, fees, interest charges, or credit checks. This removes cash flow concerns, enabling us to commence work immediately after contract signing.

Our profit model mirrors that of a traditional general contractor, ensuring that homeowners keep all the proceeds from their home’s sale. Always.

All-Inclusive Project Management

Curbio streamlines the home improvement process with our comprehensive services. We assign dedicated Project Managers to agents and sellers, ensuring every aspect of your project is well taken care of. Our Project Managers are full-time Curbio employees who keep you in the loop by sending regular text and photo updates through the Curbio app.

Selecting materials for your project is a breeze with our curated catalog designed to align with buyer preferences. The convenience doesn’t end there – Curbio handles all material sourcing and deliveries for pre-listing projects. No need to fret about supply chain disruptions, fluctuating prices, or being present for deliveries.

For projects requiring permits, Curbio simplifies the process by managing the full permit application according to your city’s requirements, taking the hassle out of obtaining permits.”

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